Week 1 – Line quality, intro to supplies.

Welcome to Tim Gagnon’s Sketchbook Challenge.  The goal of the “challenge” is to get you drawing in your sketchbook more frequently.  Drawing is the foundation of art.  It is one of the first forms of communication, and one of the first ways we, as humans, recorded history.  The more you draw the better you’ll get at all forms of artwork.

The challenge will last the entire year, and I will give lessons, exercises and ideas frequently on this blog and the facebook group.  I will also post the videos on youtube to include as many people as possible.  If you want to post your progress pics and ask for advice you’ll have to join the facebook group here:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/246428362455940

This summer I will be doing a big drawing project that will include the participants of the sketchbook challenge.  It’ll be a fun project that will be a lot of fun, so stay tuned!  Please invite your artist friends to join the challenge!  The more the merrier!

Also, if you post something related to the challenge on social media, please tag it with #timschallenge

The materials I will use throughout the year are:

Regular white smooth paper sketchbook.

Toned Gray or Tan sketchbook.

Pencils 6h – 9B (you can use any pencils you have available)

White colored pencil, White charcoal pencil

Kneaded eraser

Pencil Sharpener

Smudge stumps/sticks

Without further ado – here is the first sketchbook challenge video.

Click on the images below to see an example of a contour sketch with varying lines, and the reference photos used.  Feel free to use the reference photos for yourself as well!

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