3d Sphere

In this exercise we start playing with 3D objects.  Three important things to remember. 1.  Things look 3d due to the appearance of light and shadow.  That means that there has to be some sort of shadow and some sort of highlight to make it 3d, even if its subtle. 2.  Transition values are important.… Continue reading 3d Sphere


Let’s take what we’ve learned so far and try a little more difficult project. Draw a 7 inch by 7 inch square. Within that square draw the roses in the reference photo I’ve provided. Focus on negative space and line work while drawing, trying not to focus too much on the subject at hand. We… Continue reading CHALLENGE

Week 1 – Line quality, intro to supplies.

Welcome to Tim Gagnon’s Sketchbook Challenge.  The goal of the “challenge” is to get you drawing in your sketchbook more frequently.  Drawing is the foundation of art.  It is one of the first forms of communication, and one of the first ways we, as humans, recorded history.  The more you draw the better you’ll get… Continue reading Week 1 – Line quality, intro to supplies.